Zero Turn Lawn Mowers | Dover OH


Homeowners in the Dover area are discovering
the advantages to owning a zero turn mower.

Zero turn mowers use zero turn radius that can significantly trim the time and effort involved in cutting grass. A zero turn mower can make your task quicker and easier. If you’re not spending as much time mowing, you’re not using as much gas.

The dual wheel motors found on zero turn mowers allow maximum maneuverability. Controlling the wheels independently allows movement forward, backward, right or left. The ability to cut tight contours means less time on foot with a hand trimmer or push mower.

Zero turn mowers have higher blade tip speed than riding mowers which gives a better cut on the grass and leaves your yard looking better. The higher blade tip speed provides better mulching and allows you to chop up leaves better and more efficiently than with riding lawn mowers.

Winfield Power Equipment LLC located at 9654 SR 250 NW Strasburg, OH, has just the zero turn mower to fit your needs.

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